Global Ambassadors

I am African, always will be. My work has afforded me the opportunity to travel the world catering to Elite athletes, Olympians, Royal Navy, Royalty and Aristocracy. I have been fortunate to experience all I have. I had a right to the freedom. My unfailing support for PAL is driven by the right of the great African Lion to survive, the right for them to be protected and for us to educate humanity to demand rights for these truly magnificent animals. Initiator of “#CecilsLaw” campaign to ban trophy hunting worldwide.

Steve Travis

Global Events & Olympic Catering

The LION is much more than an element of the environment, it is a symbol of strength for nations around the globe. We must unite to protect these magnificent creatures that have blessed our earth with so much beauty and power. It is my honor to serve as an ambassador for PAL and work as one to conserve their future.

Rohan Marley

Entrepreneur & Activist

My love for and defense of any being that is being taken from this world without just cause. It is tragic and must be stopped. Please Protect those who can only protect themselves against the natural order; not the unnatural and brutally selfish acts of this human violence.

Kelli O’ Hara

Actress , Singer

I am a huge supporter of PAL – these magnificent animals need us to take care of them in a world that no longer cares.  If we come together in conservation we can guarantee that these animals will survive and our children will get to enjoy them in an environment where they can thrive.

Colin Cowie

Founder, Colin Cowie Enterprises

The lion is our most majestic animal but has become a vulnerable Species. Having seen a shocking population decline of 30–50% over the Past two decades in its African range. Habitat loss and conflicts with Humans are the greatest causes of concern. Please stand with us in Supporting this extraordinary animal and this wonderful foundation which serves to protect it.

Louise Linton

Actress, Writer, Activist

I have lived in South Africa my entire life where I have been privileged with the African bushveld right on my doorstep. This African bushveld holds the hearts of many majestic animals that never cease to fascinate me and in particular the powerful lion. In a world where mankind ignorantly abuses the planet and its creatures, I felt compelled to do something to protect the African lions.

Lianne Landman

Designer, Head of Manufacturing for PAL.

Singh is derived from the Sanskrit word Simha/Sinha meaning Lion. As a fellow Sikh, our communities look to form cohesion with the courage and strength of a Lion. This majestic animal represents sheer power, loyalty and pride; these are key qualities we all aspire to and need to keep alive for our future generations. The population of the African Lion has already declined by over 50%. We must all unite in common purpose to preserve such an inspiring and irreplacable member of our cultures and societies.

Peter Virdee


Preservation, protection and a right to grow – these are the things that we cherish as humans. Sometimes we should look beyond ourselves and consider the animals who share our ever challenged Earth. Since childhood, the sheer power, beauty and presence of the lion has always left me in awe.
As an Irishman from afar, I appeal to all to render a quiet voice of support – many quite voices in unison can roar!

Manus Cranny

Markets editor for Bloomberg Television

I’ve always resonated with this beautiful creature, the order of their prides. Years ago Rohan Marley and I came up with our own Lion Order, a lifestyle of Kingdom living. The wisdom and strength that these God created animals have is simply amazing, the rarest of all the animals. Their hearts can’t be questioned, the determination really inspires me and the discipline they live by (at times I don’t understand it) always gains my respect . The motto of my life folows after the creature named The King Of The Jungle.

Ray Lewis

NFL Hall of Fame

PAL’s engagement to protect the Wild African Lions is honourable and unprecedented. Being a P.A.L. ambassador means to care for our environment, including to give back a healthy habitat to the wildlife. Lions are the Kings and Queens, their power, grace and autonomy is iconic and symbolic to the wildlife. The earth’s once healthy eco system has been endangered by humans , so it is our only obligation to act and protect what we have destroyed in order to make the world a well balanced place where nature is valued and cherished. The seed we plant is the presence and future for us and our next generations – it’s time to take action.

Lya Fontany

Marketing and communications executive

I am very proud to have Mara Foundation, and our Mara Lion, support the Protecting African Lions campaign. Africa’s lions are running out of habitat and, as a consequence, this magnificent species faces imminent danger of extinction. Growing up in Africa, this cause is particularly important to me and I’m confident that this campaign will make a difference in providing an environment in which our African Lions can thrive…

Ashish J. Thakkar

Founder, Mara Group & Mara Foundation

“Together with PAL we can really give lions the loudest roar, enabling them to roam the earth freely once again.” Massimo Agostinelli – Artist and Entrepreneur

Massimo Agostinelli

Artist and Entrepreneur

Many of us often see community development and conservation as mutually exclusive–that, in breaking cycles of poverty, people disregard the environmental consequences of their actions. True sustainable development, however, creates a balance between the two. The future of tomorrow’s children is inextricably bound to their natural surroundings. PAL, then, is essential to the continent’s growth.

Jacob Lief

Founder, Ubuntu Education Fund

We are struggling to protect our rhinos because we acted too late, surely we must now have the foresight to not make the same mistake with our lions…

Arthur Landon

Writer, Director, Producer

The African Lion, a universal symbol of strength and pride, is an irreplaceable member of our planet. Its very existence, however, is in jeopardy. If we don’t take action now, it would be a great disservice to future generations. I strongly support PAL in their fight to preserve the integrity and majesty of the African jungle by protecting its king.

Constantin Bisanz

Founder, Aloha

Ask anyone to name animals that symbolize Africa. I bet that lions will top their list – and with reason. Lions are majestic, proud and incredibly beautiful. As a child, I was hypnotized every time I saw one. As a mother of three little girls, I want to do what I can to ensure that our children all have the same privilege. That is why I am a huge supporter of Protecting Africa’s Lions.

Caroline Kende-Robb

Executive Director, Africa Progress Panel

As we get caught up in the rat race of our daily lives, we tend to forget the beauty and serenity mother nature offers to regain our peace and awaken our inspiration. Being environmentally conscious is not a choice we make; It is our responsibility! As a South African, I have the privilege of living close to nature, and I shall always stand in awe of the power, courage and ability of this magnificent animal – the lion. We should all be held responsible for savoring and protecting our wildlife.

Francois Pienaar

Ex Springbok Rugby Captain

The Lion, a majestic and courageous being, the most fierce and wise creature to have set foot on this Earth. The Lion is not only the Pride of Africa but a creature that should be respected and admired by all. I believe that we have to honour these graceful animals. We need to protect them so that the future generations can appreciate their sustainable existence.

Leo Hinckeldey


The Lion has always been a symbol of Pride, Power and Authority. That is why it is important for us, especially as Africans, to make sure that we do what we can to protect our lions.

Ndaba Mandela

Founder, Africa Rising

‘As a woman born under the sun sign of Leo, the symbol of the ‘King of the Jungle’ has been a talisman throughout my life. I therefore have a special affection for lions and try to live up to their legendary qualities  – brave, affectionate, loyal. My hope is that ‘Protect African Lions’ will in time be able to halt canned hunting and prevent future trophy hunters of any kind, therefore showing the animal kingdom the respect it deserves. We are all one.’

Nicky Summer

Nicky Summer

Lifestyle Guru, Bond actress

I was born in the Moldova, however throughout my life I have been fascinated by the king of the jungle, as a model I have travelled all over the world and I have taking the spirit of the lion with me to achieve my goals. To me the Lion is Known for courage and strength. This animal deserves to be supported and protected because it is such a vital animal and symbolic piece of Africa. We must unite to protect these magnificent creatures, That is why I am a huge supporter of PAL.

Nadejda Savcova

Model, Actress

The only reason I have gotten to where I am today is because of a picture I took of a Lioness, it changed everything. Seeing their power and serenity gives you a new perspective, there is nothing more beautiful. To think that future generations won’t be
able to encounter such incredible beings is unacceptable. Everyone is responsible for keeping the beauty and nature left in the world, without it we are nothing.

Kristian Schmidt

Grammy Nominated Director & Wildlife/Fashion

Sad but true. The king of the jungle needs our help. Now! Only 19.000 lions left living in free nature. It´s time to do something. Let´s make sure that our children and grandchildren still can see how beautiful nature in general and this fantastic animal in particular is. It´s a great honor for me to be an ambassador for P.A.L.

Frank de Vries

Serial Entrepreneur & Co-founder of Cleanwave

Lions are nations’ symbol of courage, strength and independence. They once roamed most of Africa and parts of Asia and Europe, but the population has decreased heavily and they are now only found in rare parts in sub-Saharan Africa. Their majesty is unquestioned and they are part of who we are today. We need to protect our heritage and need to respect what was created and given to us on this earth.

Philippe-Artus Hoerle-Guggenheim

Serial Entrepreneur

I believe strongly that as the youngest P.A.L ambassador I will do everything in my power to protect the wild lions and ensure that my support is spread to all future millennials around the world.

Nico Hinckeldey


We have all been witness to the effect of humankind. However, “we” are all connected and inequality (in any form) is the root of imbalance in our world. This imbalance is linked to every aspect of our lives having devastating outcomes for the natural order, as one of its consequences. To save the LION we need to save ourselves and in doing so, we will gain extraordinary flight and freedom for all kinds.

Jenna Clifford

Founder, Jenna Clifford Jewelry

Africa’s lions are constantly facing their greatest nemesis: mankind.  Habitat destruction, trophy hunting and demand for lion products are the core issues that threaten the future existence of lions, the pride of African wildlife. It is time for the modern day hunter to lay down his gun and join the international quest to protect this magnificent species.

Dexter Kotze

Wildlife Conservation Activist

Grandiose creatures.  Lions enthrall and embody the essence of power.  Human expansion has lead to a rapid decline in the global lion population.  We can provide meaning and purpose to life through the creation of value.  Taking accountability for the perpetuation of our planet, for future generations, manifests true value.

Dr. Werner Barkhuizen

Psychologist, Serial Entrepreneur & Thought Leader

Throughout global cultures, both modern and ancient, the lion has been considered to be the “king of the beasts”. As a spirit animal, he signifies the ability to lead others with strength and valour. Despite our love for this cat, it’s existence is in danger. It is our responsibility to help protect this creature and create sustainable awareness and take action to preserve it’s right to survive.

Victoire Soffieti

Model, Entrepreneur, activist

I spent a lot of time together with Gregory Colbert, working for the Russian project “Ashes and Snow” , trying to explore new stories for nature that can help change our view of nature and its inhabitants. People have become so focused on material wealth, and forgot that intangible wealth was equally important. I will work for the salvation and preservation of the African lion. I am part of the biosphere and the lion is my brother.

Alexander Von Busch

Аrt producer, Global PR, Museums

Our African Lions are just one of the species around the world that are in danger of befalling a terrible fate at the hands of humans in their selfish and short sighted quest for self actualization and fulfillment. Should we continue on this path of distraction, mankind will be the real losers. I am proud to join the PAL family and lend my voice to highlighting the plight of the African lion and educating people around the world.

Cara Frew

Singer & Songwriter

The majestic African Lion is the overriding symbol of Africa encapsulating everything that this continent has to offer. Magnificent beauty, raw power, a savage primal instinct and a family bonds determined by nature. If we allow this apex predator to become a victim of our human evolution, then we have missed our calling.

Jeremy Nel

Founder and CEO of Luxury Brands

From the beginning of my life I was told that Lion is the king of the animal word. Growing up I was amused by the strength, courage and loyalty of this animal. All my life they fascinated me. I was shocked when I heard that this strong powerful creature is in big danger. They need our help. It hurts me so much to see that these beautiful cats have been heartlessly destroyed. Therefor I’ve decided to support this cause. Supporting this charity is the next step to save our planet and us.

Anastassia Khozissova

Model, Entrepreneur, Activist

The African Lion, a universal symbol of strength and pride, is an irreplaceable member of our planet. Its very existence, however, is in jeopardy. If we don’t take action now, it would be a great disservice to future generations. I strongly support PAL in their fight to preserve the integrity and majesty of the African jungle by protecting its king.

Keith Rowe-Wilson

I am proud to be an ambassador for Pal. The Lion is renowned for its majesty and nicknamed the king of the jungle, the Lion possesses both beauty and strength. It appears as a symbol of power, courage and nobility.We ourselves could learn a lot from these beautiful animals…I want to give this magnificent animal a voice and educate others on how we can protect them now, and in the years to follow.

Jenny Holly Goodall

Philanthropist, Founder Small Steps Project

Witnessing a Lion in the African bush for the first time forever changed my life.
I was shocked to learn that most who visit Africa, do not realize how grave the situation is affecting not only the land, but the animals and lions that inhabit it. Inspired to make a dent educating travelers, I quit my corporate job to start a company engaged in providing more authentic and meaningful experiences when people travel – launching first in South Africa.

Dereck Bugley

CEO/Founder, Buggl Travel

We often talk about wishing  to live in a better world and Protect the Amazing Animals in danger of becoming extinct because they are Killed as Trophies, but only a few take Action, we have to Stop wishing and Start Doing and thats What I am Doing Supporting PAL, Taking Action.

George Morales

International TV Host & Producer

I want to build this legacy and to lead the vision and dream of PAL into the ages with dedication and commitment alongside my fellow ambassadors while changing the mindset of humanity in protecting this apex predator.

Mannie Snyman


This animal deserves to be supported and protected because it is such a vital animal and symbolic piece of Africa. If lions become extinct it could become detrimental to Africa by disrupting the food chain and surrounding environment. I care a lot about the well-being of this animal and refuse to let it become extinct. Since our generation will be the future, It’s essential that we are aware and have a voice in the matter to create big changes.

Perryn Thiessen

Activist & Adventurer

I was born in South Africa and lived there and then Zimbabwe until my early twenties, when I left to live overseas, but Africa is in my blood and I visit as often as I can. I have been fortunate enough to see lions in the Kruger Park in South Africa, in the Okovanga Delta in Botswana, in the Masai Mara in Kenya and also in Namibia. These majestic animals never cease to amaze me and I feel we must do everything possible to protect them.

Melvyn Altshuler

Adventurer & Photographer

 As we were raised far away from any of the lions’ habitats, we have never been able to admire the majestic animal with our own eyes. From a very young age, we are thus craving to one day have this opportunity. Our fascination for the African lion was fueled by our adventurous grandfather who shot numerous breathtaking documentaries during safaris, and has persevered until today. Hence, having the chance to represent P.A.L. and raise awareness in a nation like Switzerland who is largely unaware of the challenges faced by the African lion, is a true honor.

Carlucci Brothers


In today’s modern environment, all too often we find ourselves preoccupied with personal growth and the development. The prospect of globalization, although it has it’s benefits, has resulted in a fundamental shift in focus away from our most primitive interaction with the world; nature. The devastating problem of rhino poaching is case in point. Stuart and I are proud ambassadors of the P.A.L. project, as we wish to ensure that these majestic creatures reserve their rightful place on earth.

The Smith Brothers

Students & Activists

Lions are undeniably physically beautiful animals but even more importantly, lions possess qualities which we need to treasure and keep alive; unity, courage and pride. We need to protect the animal, which for so long has played an integral role on our continent, in our ecological systems, in our beauty and in our spirit. My responsibility as an ambassador for P.A.L is a commitment I feel passionately about and intend to engage with the cause enthusiastically. Supporting P.A.L is a modest contribution, which can go a long way in the lions’ battle for survival.

Sophie Lalonde

Owner Sophie Lalonde Art

“Heart of a lion” is a saying that speaks a 1000 words. I believe everybody should look at the Lion for courage and motivation. This fierce but yet graceful animal should be on top of all lists when it comes to conservation. I am very proud to call my myself an ambassador of this movement and look forward to promote the conservation and well being of The African Lion.

Stefan Terblanche

Financial Markets, Entrepreneur with a love for Africa

I am a student of Trinity College Dublin, originating from Ghana and South Africa, with a passion for the power of youthful encouragement, but above all-I am an African. Growing up in such a beautiful part of the world I had the privilege of coming face to face with nature at her elemental best. Perhaps the greatest joy granted to me, was touching an African Lion. We can spread the fight to eliminate the eradication of these brilliant Lions together. Their existence is our pride.

Kwadwo Adjepong Boateng

Writer & Global Activist

The lion is the pride of Africa, it imparts inspiration and a sense of awe. It is a touchstone that exists outside of ourselves; something that we can aspire to, something extraordinary that empowers confidence and supernatural belief. Africa without the lion would be just another place…

Mike Eilertsen

Serial Entrepreneur
& Thought Leader

Having spent the last 25 years working as a photojournalist I occasionally encounter a scenario which seems inconceivable.

The fact that a species as iconic worldwide as the African Lion faces, at its present rate of decline, extinction in the wild seems barely credible.

However, a 90 percent decline in the last 50 years can only point in one direction.

PAL is not prepared to let this happen and with all our help we can halt and reverse this tragic situation.

Gary Roberts