P.A.L is a non- profit organisation whose mission is to ultimately get protection status for the African Lion.

We raise awareness through developing working relationships of mutual support with other organisations who share our goals. The iconic P.A.L bracelet, which symbolizes co-existence, attracts donations and sponsorship to start protecting wild lions from further decline. A key focus is to generate sustainable income for the fundamental programs that need to execute the right goals for the wild lion populations. P.A.L has become a key strategic partner for governmental and other affiliated NPO programs. By contributing to the protection of the world’s most majestic animal, you are connected to the imperial symbol of courage, spirit and the awesome power of Mother Nature. This is an expression of your purity of spirit and togetherness with all living things.


A milestone goal of P.A.L is to identify and attract key partners to support and distribute funds through bracelet sales. To further the development of conservation initiatives and to create a P.A.L conservation alliance with our identified partners. Traversing wildlife areas in Botswana, Tanzania, Southern African regions. Strategic PAL initiatives like partnering with lion programs, executing on the ground crucial projects, community involvement and development, thus sustaining and protecting wild lion populations throughout Africa. In addition it will help attract similarly minded individuals or groups to our cause.


There will be various activities to raise the necessary finance, including sale of PAL bracelets, celebrity support, social media, donations, charity gala dinners, high profile events and fund raising through our three pronged strategy.

1. Strategic Partnerships.

Our alliance partnerships will help drive the awareness and benefits of the strategic partnerships. We have a clear understanding that there are many corporations, charities, and businesses that are eager to change the world for the better, and we commend this and shall help raise their voices. We continue working and negotiating to become a strategic partner to ongoing governmental lion projects. We work closely with our main partners to promote the sale of bracelets in order to get funds into the key on-ground programs.
Our ‘Brand Ambassadors’ are unique individuals from different walks of life, including serial entrepreneurs, models, artists, actors, businessmen, adventurers, and activists.
Using this “intellectual connectivity” we build relationships, gain access to like-minded people all ultimately wishing to help protect lions.

2. Fundraising through Artistic Collaborations.

Our first artistic collaboration, through our founder, has created a one-of-a-kind ‘Mccreedyblue’ coloured PAL bracelet. Hand-picked renowned South African designer Lianne Landman who heads up the designs for Conor Mccreedy. These unique bracelets are sold globally through our website. By purchasing a “Mccreedyblue PAL” bracelet, you will help drive our mission. It is a powerful offering and expression of your own soul. Each bracelet sells for $21 USD. These funds go directly to our main partner “Global White Lion Protection Trust” who are actively working with wild lions and managing the funds accordingly. Donations made go to the PAL fund for dispersement to Lion projects on the ground.

3. Transparency.

Everything we do is done with integrity. PALs impact has already been felt by thousands of people especially those working to protect lions on the ground. The PAL foundation has given away more than two thousand bracelets in order to spread the word about our cause and to raise awareness. PAL is an open and transparent foundation, with its recognised board of directors and Incorporators. We will keep people informed on the PAL website as to the work we are currently involved in and what impact your buying a bracelet or making a donation has made. Please join the pride to ‘Protect African Lions’ we need similarly minded people to join our mission.